front of polyclinic hamda laouani

The polyclinic Hamda Laouani, a referring hospital center in Kairouan

Located in the heart of the city of Kairouan in Tunisia, the polyclinic Hamda Laouani offers medical and surgical services of quality. Led by Dr. Mohamed Ali Laouani, a senior cardiologist, the Polyclinic was the first private health facility in the region.

With more than 20 years of experience in the medico-surgical sector, the polyclinic Hamda Laouani offers its services in general and specialized medicine. In particular, it assists you in hemodialysis, chemotherapy, angioplasty and laparoscopic surgery.

Located between the basins of the Aghlabids and the Sidi Sahbi mausoleum, in a large park, the polyclinic CHL has become today a regional pioneer. In fact, the private health facility is distinguished on the market by the quality of its services in general surgery, maternity and cardiology.


Having created polyclinic CHL in 1970, Dr. Hamda Laouani, was the first surgeon from Kairouan who wanted to better meet the needs of residents in his region in terms of medical-surgical care.

In 1998, the polyclinic was completely renewed and expanded to meet the highest standards of equipment and health. Today, it is at once a modern and innovative health center and a pleasant and friendly convalescence place.

front of polyclinic hamda laouani in the 1960s

Our commitments

The Hamda Laouani hospital center is a modern and warm multidisciplinary private health facility that places the patient at the center of its concerns. Indeed, the polyclinic HL offers a pleasant setting with personalized and secure support.

Combining professionalism and state-of-the-art technology, the Polyclinic offers top-of-the-range equipment as well as experienced medical specialists and competent medical and paramedical teams.

The first polyclinic of Kairouan is also modern, reassuring and comfortable thanks to its medical and hotel equipment that meets the highest standards of the leading medical institutions.

Our conventions

In order to better satisfy its patients, the polyclinic Hamda Laouani has an agreement with many social partners :

- The CNAM ranks first : the polyclinic is linked to the National Health Insurance Fund by sectorial agreement of private clinics.

- Insurances : accredited by the Ministry of Public Health, the polyclinic CHL has signed agreements with national and international insurance funds

  • CARTHAGE Assistance
  • NAJDA Support
  • Mondial assistance
  • Etc.

- Other health mutuals :

  • CNRPS (National Fund for Retirement and Social Welfare)
  • CNSS (National Social Security Fund)