CHL, a well-equipped health facility in Kairouan

In order to best satisfy it clientele, the first polyclinic of Kairouan Hamda Laouani offers a complete technical platform with performing equipment.

A hospital infrastructure adapted to your needs

The Polyclinic HL has a top-end hospital infrastructure that is adapted to the needs of all patients.


The clinic has 45 hospital rooms from the simplest to the most luxurious. With a capacity of 80 beds, these rooms have a modern architecture and a pleasant design and have a quality hotel service (TV, a telephone, a call system, a room water, free internet access / Wifi on demand, remote controls, etc.).

In the Polyclinic HL you will also find 6 VIP rooms. Reserved exclusively for the most demanding patients, it offer maximum comfort with a lounge/office area.

comfortable room polyclinic hamda laouani

The operating theatre

Our polyclinic has a polyvalent operating theater with a modern technical platform and ultra-efficient to ensure a secure and individualized care of all patients.

The operating theater of CHL has 2 units with 2 operating rooms obeing the ISO 5 standards and 3 operating rooms meeting the ISO 7 standards and recovery rooms and an independent septic room for the surgery of septic pathologies. The recovery rooms located near the block allow patients to wake up under the supervision of a nurse and the anesthesiologist. These units are equipped with a high-end equipment allowing the realization of any operating act under optimal conditions of safety and hygiene.

Maternity service

Newly created, the maternity of the CHL polyclinic has the latest technical platform that meets the specific needs of every futur mother and of the newborn. It contains :

  • 17 rooms
  • A unit of newborns of 5 posts
  • 3 delivery rooms ...


pleasant maternity service polyclinic hamda laouani

The intensive care unit

The CHL resuscitation department is responsible for surgical, medical and neonatal resuscitation and also has a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

This unit is equipped with 8 beds including 2 isolation beds, respirators, complete hemodynamic and respiratory monitoring, etc, allowing the good recovery of the hospitalized patient.

The day hospital

Our Day Hospital structure accommodates patients requiring outpatient surgery that requires a hospital stay of less than 12 hours without overnight accommodation.

We also welcome patients undergoing diagnostic investigations, such as endoscopies. This unit includes :

  • 4 spacious hospital rooms (2 beds each) and a toilet.
  • A unit of endoscopy and functional explorations (colonoscopy, digestive fibroscopy, pulmonary, urological ...)
  • Two operating rooms for ambulatory surgery
  • A unit of non-invasive cardiac explorations (cardiac Doppler ultrasound, ETO, ETT, effort test, rhythmic holter, MAPA ...)

Soon, a unit of ophthalmological explorations (Retinal angiography, Lazer, Phaco, OCT ...) will be created to ensure a better management of diseases of the eye.

Medical imaging

The Polyclinic HL is equipped with top-end medical imaging equipment :

  • A scanner
  • A color doppler ultrasound
  • A bone-lung table
  • Digital Radiology Unit
  • Cardiovascular ultrasound
  • Mobile radiology unit

Endoscopy unit

The endoscopy unit of the polyclinic HL allows :

  • Fibroscopy (digestive and bronchial)
  • Colonoscopy
  • Adult and pediatric bronchial endoscopy
  • Bronchial exploration
  • Urological exploration

The endoscopy unit is equipped with a column of digestive video-endoscopy latest generation that allows the practice of fibroscopy, colonoscopy and interventional endoscopy. This device also allows the virtual coloration of some suspicious lesions thus helping to their diagnosis.

endoscopy unit polyclinic hamda laouani

Cardiovascular explorations

For efficient patient management, the polyclinic HL allows two types of cardiovascular exploration :

Non-invasive cardiac explorations

  • Doppler echocardiography color of rest and stress
  • High-end ultrasound Doppler 3D heart rate
  • Transesophageal (ETO) and Transthoracic Doppler echocardiography
  • Effort testing
  • Rhythmic Holter
  • Blood pressure Holter

Invasive cardiac explorations

  • A cardiac catheterization room for interventional cardiology examinations
  • Innova 2100 (GE) machine, with automatic injector
  • An intra-aortic counter-drive machine
  • An external pacemaker
  • Defibrillator

The emergency center

The emergency center includes an examination room and a room of decay for the care and conditioning of polytraumatic patients. The decay room is fully equipped with a respirator, a network monitoring, electric syringes, ECG and many other equipment needed to manage medical emergencies.

emergency equipement polyclinic hamda laouani

Clinic Ambulance

The Polyclinic Hamda Laouani has adapted means of transport and ambulances to provide sick people with the various medical transport services.