Clinic News
cardiac catheterization room hamda laouani

The polyclinic Hamda Laouani provides an interventional cardiology department. Exclusive in the region, this department is at the service of people with cardiovascular diseases.

Indeed, it provides coronary emergencies and all the classic acts of interventional cardiology. Equipped with modern and efficient equipment, the department ensures reliable diagnostic tests and effective percutaneous interventions.

Our new maternity welcomes future mothers every day in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

We offer them a friendly team to welcome and accompany them throughout this exceptional experience.

Orthopeadic surgery is a specialty that treats anomalies of the musculoskeletal system. Whether it is preventative or restorative, this surgery allows the surgical treatment of bones, joints, cartilage and other soft tissues, including ligaments and muscles. Indeed, within the clinic CHL, we associate all our multidisciplinary medical staff that its activity is divided between emergency surgery and programmed surgery to detect and treat all diseases.