The Polyclinic Hamda Laouani, the leader in the region of Kairouan

Established in Kairouan, Tunisia, since 1970, the polyclinic of Hamda Laouani has positioned itself as a market leader in private health care in the region, thanks to the quality of its services and the expertise of its staff.

In addition, the polyclinic was able to stand out from the competition thanks to its opening on the national and international market but also thanks to a set of hospital services provided exclusively in the region.

A reference of private health care nationally and internationally

The polyclinic Hamda Laouani opens its doors to Tunisian but also foreign patients to enable them to benefit from a bespoke and suitable hospital service. The quality of the services provided makes the establishment a nationally as well as internationally reference, for general surgery, maternity care and cardiology.

catheterization room equipped polyclinic hamda laouani

A qualified staff for high-quality services

With over 20 years of experience, the polyclinic Hamda Laouani offers a team of qualified health professionals including more than 60 specialist doctors. Operating on two consulting buildings, they offer the best hospital services in compliance with the applicable rules of safety and hygiene.

Luxurious day hospitalization

The day care service at the polyclinic HL offers performing services, delivered with maximum security, in a friendly environment with a return home the same day. Indeed, it is a hospitalization that lasts less than 24 hours and during which the patient receives appropriate care far from the psychological stress related to hospitalization.

The day hospital of the polyclinic HL is open every day except Sunday, from 8h to 18h and it is equipped with 8 beds, 3 operating rooms and all the necessary that ensures the well-being of the patient.

optimal hygiene conditions

The polyclinic HL offers you not only a relaxing setting, but also hygienic conditions that comply with the safety applicable rules.

Indeed, the polyclinic continues to pay particular attention to hygiene and ensures : prevention of nosocomial infections, infectious risk management (sensitization training, monitoring and coordination of actions, etc.), various bacteriological analyzes of surfaces, sterilization actions, automated aeration of operating rooms, etc.

In fact, the polyclinic has a sterilization center with three autoclaves and a separate circuit for sterile laundry and non-sterile laundry. The sterilization of the entire surgical instrumentation of the operating theaters is carried out within the polyclinic.

The patient and the visitors also have a role to play in the prevention of infections. They must scrupulously respect the hygiene measures applied in the polyclinic.

An exclusive interventional cardiology department in Kairouan

The polyclinic Hamda Laouani provides an interventional cardiology department. Exclusive in the region, this department is at the service of people with cardiovascular diseases.

Indeed, it provides coronary emergencies and all the classic acts of interventional cardiology. Equipped with modern and efficient equipment, the department ensures reliable diagnostic tests and effective percutaneous interventions.

A Center for Functional Re-education and Rehabilitation (CFRR)

The polyclinic Hamda Laouani has a center CFRR (Center for Functional Re-education and Rehabilitation) which supports people with physical impairments or disabilities. Staffed by qualified rehabilitation physicians and physiotherapists, the CFRR of the polyclinic ensures effective results for adults, adolescents and children.


A hemodialysis service of quality

The polyclinic Hamda Laouani offers a hemodialysis service of quality, obviously for people who suffer from kidney failure. Offering a qualified staff and high-end equipment, the polyclinic allows you to benefit from effective and comfortable dialysis sessions.

And soon ... the addition of new units

In order to better satisfy its patients, the polyclinic Hamda Laouani is planning to increase its activity and to open new units including a radiotherapy one. Radiotherapy is a treatment that aims to destroy cancer cells via radiation.